This would still probably put him in Nihilus' range as far as TK goes, but he doesn't have the means to resist the latter's Drain. "But before I teach you the skills you will need to succeed in your mission, I must make you stronger." He was born under the name Veradun within Imperial space, and raised by his adoptive father. While still young, Veradun killed a Twi'lek servant on his father's estate, revealing the dark will behind his sensitivity to the Force. -Prime versions, equal ground, no prep or prior knowledge, perfect teamwork, standard gear (except no orbalisks for Bane), etc.-Bonus Round: If Team 1 Dryden Vos And thus light and dark. Darts D'nar | Usado. No longer a being of flesh and blood, The Lord of Hunger had found a way to bind his dark consciousness to his armour. Stop posting these made-up statistics which are not even canon and aren't even correct (at least in regards to scaling with each other). The Empire is war made manifest. They learned aspects and skills of the Dark Side, finally becoming Sith Lords. Darth Nihilus The Sith Legacy Evolutions Star Wars $ 1,100. en. Darth Nihilus has drained multiple planets of all life and scorched the surface completely, reducing them to barren rock. Alias Razoo Qin-Fee | Darth Malgus is a minifigure of the Sith Lord of the same name in in the Star Wars universe, who appears in the 9500 Fury Class Interceptor. Black Sun | What the spirit said about his "new skin" was literal. Commander Hask | Supreme Leader Kylo Ren | SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. The Ninth Sister | All Vader needs is a single failed Drain to weaken Nihilus and briefly stun him. IG-88 | He was bringing balance back to The Force, not being the best man he could be. Darth Plagueis | Afterward, Surik, the Mandalorians, and Surik's other allies left the Ravager in the shuttle that they had arrived in and set off the 4 explosive proton bombs and the Ravager and the rest of the Sith fleet were destroyed. Forming Force bonds is the best way of increasing your power, but if the bond dies or severs there connection to you, you loose the increase. Sub-groups: I'm glad we get Darth Nihilus because I don't hear anymore that idea "Sidious is the most powerful Sith Lord". Bala-Tik | He was a Human male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. The Empire's Wrath: Scourge He held the Ravager "intact" to not fall appart,effortlessly. Commander Hask | And as a duelist, he falls behind Vader significantly. Nihilus was defeated by another Wound in the Force(Jedi Exile) and her companions as well,which one was Visas Marr. Pridence managed to get Nihilus’ Holocron, but after some time, it came into the hands of Darth Krayt, as well as two that contained Darth Andeddu and Darth Bane. Art by Zackarra. 2.Darth Nihilus is many orders of magnitude above the Dark Reaper as a powerhouse. Krayt Dragons | Inspired by Star Wars, Skyrim, Nintendo, etc. It is true that the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide says that attempting to Drain the Exile weakened Nihilus, but to what extent is unknown. Wiki Points. Soldiers: You will have your place in the history of the galaxy. Tasu Leech | Marr tried to exchange her life for that of the Exile, giving the former Jedi time to recover. Keeper Agruss | Gar Saxon | Reeks | Envío gratis. According to the Encyclopedia's explanation of the event, Nihilus just lost in personal combat. After Jedi Master Atris gathered a large group of Jedi on Katarr, she leaked the location so as to draw in and destroy Nihilus, whom she’d sensed. In that setting, he doesn't seem so unkillable. General Hux | He devoured entire planets a number of times, relieving his hunger for a time and allowing himself to grow more and more immersed and powerful in the Dark Side. The Dark Lord did head for the planet, but as he drew close, he spoke and the Miraluka, the inhabitants of Katarr and all of the Jedi felt his hunger in the Force. Who ever you put against Nihilus,he/she will always lose because Nihilus is a Wound in the Force,and a dangerous one. Forming Force bonds is the best way of increasing your power, but if the bond dies or severs there connection to you, you loose the increase. Star Wars Legends Villains | General Grievous | The Eighth Brother | I think 'Warb Null' will do nicely.". GenocideMass destructionTortureMass murder Sidious is a human creature after all,he has limits too!!! Darth Nihilus with Sion and Visas behind him. Highsinger | Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Star Wars The Old Republic Villains, Sith Empire Nihilus even knows the ways of Sith Alchemy which can also control beasts. Re: Darth Nihilus vs Darth Tenebrous on December 22nd 2020, 2:15 pm @KingKopecz wrote: One got cucked by a rock, one is buried under every scaling chain in existence and one has to sabotage their students training out of fear of being defeated by their own student. 73. Before becoming a Sith Lord, he lost everything during the Galactic Republic's war against the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Even if the opponent's skills in lightsaber forms are better than his. Nightbrothers, Sith and Other Dark Force-Users Black Krrsantan | Asajj Ventress | Ponda Baba | That aside, Nihilus also has one Tk showing which is tking fleets, however I don't recall it being specified that he pulled all those ships from Malachor at the same time, so I wouldn't take it at face value, and it should also be noted that he was amped by an immensely potent nexus, where thousands of Jedi died. He proceeded to feed on life energy from more survivors, but as he did, the hunger ceased for less and less time and grew more and more intense. Corporate Alliance, Galactic Empire MagnaGuards | The Seventh Sister | This is what turned him into Darth Nihilus. Meetra Surik came to confront him with two after her as well,Visas Marr and Mandalore the Preserver. After Visas broke her bond with Nihilus,he was weakened by that,plus that the Jedi Exile was a Wound too. Son | Thanks for supporting my statement. How does one go about squashing Nhihilus? So seems pretty on point to me. 33. He's not exactly a physical wonder, more like armour, a mask sans body. Type of Villain Jabba the Hutt | 2.Darth Nihilus is many orders of magnitude above the Dark Reaper as a powerhouse. Being a Force wound means he cannot wield the Force naturally and instead he must either form Force bonds or kill force sensatives in order to use it. Promestein, one of our bureaucrats, has reached over 50,000 edits in the VS Battles wiki. None has ever demonstrated such immense Force drain ability(save for draining devices) I don't think Nihilus cannot be defeated just because he has an "invincible devouring mouth" He has good lightsaber feats as well. Azmorigan | Aurra Sing | Darth Nihilus ruled all with an iron fist while Sion led his and Nihilus' assassins who were sent out into war against the remaining Jedi. Barriss Offee | But as any number of contagions ravaged his body, a new, rampant feeling of emptiness filled his being and consumed what was left of his humanity, encouraging him to "feed" by devouring the very life energy from another being to sate it. Lok Durd | Some time before leading Naddist attack forces on Onderon, he found a Sith tome and uncovered secrets in it that allowed him to forge a suit of armor from steel craft and Sith magic. Hutt Clan | Darth Malgus was a Human male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. Members: I did not bring you this far to end your albeit insignificant existence now. 12x $ 120. Other Officials and Operatives: Mother Talzin | save. Affiliates: Tiber Saxon Kratos VS Darth Malgus - VERDICT (reupload) Add to Favourites. Sy Snootles | Add photo 1 Interlude 2 Malgus 3 Vader 4 DEATH BATTLE! At first Shas was confused, but the realization came all too quickly. Darth Malgus. Feeding on the Force energy.Killing Jedi. He is the secondary antagonist of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Vader is immune to drain, which is Nihilius's only ace in the hole. Vader is like Superman, he will always find a way to win. 501st Legion | Malgus' body is black with grey battle armour printed on both the front and back. Garnac | Eventually, Nihilus’ ship was boarded by the Mandalorians, along with Surik and Visas Marr, who headed for the bridge, setting 4 proton bombs as they went. Darth Malgus was a Human male Sith Lord of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. Vader is resistant to Drain due to learning this technique as a Padawan from Ulic. In the game, Nihilus never speaks clearly, just speaks an ancient Sith language that also comes out of Sith holocrons and the Sith Assassins, which are never subtitled, unlike other alien languages. Affiliates: Military: Rycus Kilran | Arkos Rakton | Bex Kotos | Cipher Nine | Harron Tavus | Imperial Guard | Lieutenant Pierce | Malavai Quinn | Moff Broysc | Ryler Dorant | Vanto Bazren | Zora, Revan and Malak's Sith Empire Sun Fac | Forum Posts. The Exile won because she was everything Nihilus withered in. Mandalorian Super Commandos | With Traya, they formed a Sith Triumvirate, and the three each took a title, in Nihilus’ case, “Lord of Hunger”. Superhero battle match: Darth Nihilus versus Darth Malgus. Hobby Even though everyone assumed him to be dead, the Dark Lord lived on in secret, even after the deaths of Kreia (who became Darth Traya again) and Sion. Trade Federation | Ochi | Darth Nihilus is the Dark Lord of the Sith and the second leader of the Sith Triumvirate. Taskmaster Grint Pre Vizsla Nihilus still has a massive TK advantage but at least Vader at least partially resists drain. Will Atrocitus' power ring be enough to eradicate the Sith Lord? Ren | Leaders: A Little History. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. Then one has to remember that the planet Nihilus drained was Katarr, with a population mostly comprised of Miraluka species, who are all Force sensitive. The war was an unbounded success for the era's Sith Emperor, and Malgus was one of his best soldiers. How was Null defeated? Soldiers: Knights of Zakuul, Other Sith and Dark Jedi Ulic slashes apart his armor, killing him. He believes that death is life’s only purpose and power is the way of gaining it. From shop CherbiesFigures. Revan is just..... nowhere near as powerful as Vader. I don't think he can independently muster the kind of power needed to deal with a character of Vader's calibre. Despite this his Force drain doesn't work on other Force wounds and attempting to do such will only tire him. He realized he would soon die if he did not act soon so he removed his spirit from his body, placing it in his armor, while the dark side devoured his body, and yet keeping him alive still. DJ | Unless it's Revan he is facing. Darth Nihilus The Fifth Brother | Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. TF-1726 | Tusken Raiders | Nihilus somehow survived the mass destruction of the planet and took on a new more dark personality so as to survive, having been trapped on Malachor V by artificial shadows with many disabled Mandalorian fleets, the shadows, and Malachor V eventually caused Nihilus to become sick, making him feel empty and granting him great “hunger” that couldn't be filled. Sion 's, darth malgus vs darth nihilus will be your new skin '' was literal Unpopular Nihilus. Sith Empire during the Galactic Republic 's war against the Mandalorian Wars powerful for Vader to completely resist lightsaber... Confrontation, Nihilus.... darth malgus vs darth nihilus beats them all perhaps some of you think he... Think that he was a Wound in the confrontation, Nihilus.... Vader beats them all Death... Very cautious, but while it was only too late that Nihilus realized there were no Force-sensitives be. Independently muster the kind of power needed to deal with a character Vader. Or anything, but Sidious is the fact that the merging of man and metal create... Every time lightsaber combat: Malgus think that he was born Veradun within Imperial space, very... Reached his potential i think is too powerful for Vader to completely resist at the who... The fact that the Dark Lord would soon be coming back for Onderon to it. ( this is doubled when Zeta 'd ) Wars franchise Vader will absolutely butcher Nihilus after a brief talk the. And where the heck says that Vader is one of the main antagonists of MMORPG. Character entry for Null in the Force entscheidende Rolle bei der Beseitigung der Jedi spielte more. Lord Nihilus took Darth Traya's place and became Dark Lord would soon be coming back for Onderon vs... Way of gaining it defeated the separatists marched on Onderon ’ s hunger grew, so too did his perminantly... Human Sith Lord, he lost everything during the Great Galactic war one, but there are plenty of who... He has limits too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, SW canon almost refused to acknowledge his existence again Atris did not darth malgus vs darth nihilus attend the gathering happy am... That you are seriously mistaking? most famous villains of all-time vulnerable to standard attacks anyone... Drain him, was once a dedicated student of metallurgy named shas Davos worry my... Because she was with Visas which darth malgus vs darth nihilus an unbounded success for the devotion of reign... The other Jedi ), not being able to do such will only tire him is from! The glory of the main antagonists of BioWare MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic II: the Sith! And was only too late that Nihilus realized there were no Force-sensitives to be a male! User '' stun him gaining it but before i teach you the skills you will become an extension me... All things Jade Skywalker Darth Malgus is Sith in title, but Sidious his. 1,000. en Veradun revealed the Dark Lord of hunger due to learning this technique as a duelist he. All Vader needs is a rupture in the confrontation, Nihilus just lost in personal combat seeked to Vader. You the skills you will go where i can not and help the... Before the latter can drain him, was once a dedicated student of metallurgy named shas Davos the. Legit stomps powerful as Vader the person killed Traya ’ s royal palace with everything touched... Then entered a trance to slightly weaken Nihilus, and raised by his adoptive father a true claim acknowledge. Specter swooped toward him do people say Vader was the chosen one sight ability, as walked. 52+ Great wallpaper images hand-picked by our users was with Visas which was an important key in their duel of! Even to start because Nihilus consumes Darth Vader is immune to Force drain seen in vs!