As a solvent, WD-40 will strip away any existing lubricant, leaving your chain, and drivetrain dryer than before application. The max can build up inside chain links and drivetrain, leaving a sticky residue. It is has a fast and easy-to-use formula that helps to extend the life of your bike chain. Scientifically formulated to go super fast - learn more. There are 4 main stages of cleaning and maintaining your bike chain. Now apply the lubricant to the chain. The 3-IN-One Multipurpose Oil was created in 1894, for use on bicycle chains, and the formula was bought by the WD-40 Company in 1995. Polymers in the Dry Lube formula quickly form a dry film to protect your chain and repel dirt in arid or dusty conditions. For simplicity on this website, WD-40® Multi-Use Product is sometimes shortened to WD-40 ® About WD-40 ® BRAND TRADEMARK Many of the uses of WD-40 ® Multi-Use Product and WD-40 ® Specialist ™ products described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the products, and do not … View details WD‑40 ® Flexible Reach the Unreachable WD-40 Specialist ® Bike Chain Lube is an all-conditions lubricant that protects bicycle chains in dry, wet, or varying conditions. However, if you apply WD-40, this provides a temporary solution, and repeated use of bicycling will lead to your chain picking up dirt and grime. The main issue with WD-40 is that it is a LIGHT lubricant and so it will come off quickly if you’re riding in wet situations. I’m the guy behind this website. WD-40 is primarily a cleaner, but also a lubricant. WD-40 All Conditions Chain Lube prevents friction damage and helps extend chain life for your bike. Since WD-40 is a solvent and degreaser, application will leave your chain dry and clean. The specialised formula sprays on thin to penetrate deep into roller chains, inner chain links, pins and bushings, and then thickens to provide long-lasting lubrication, and preventing the chain from breaking. You can use WD-40 for displacing water, dust, and soil from your bike chain but not as a lubricant. It doesn’t matter who says about it as a lubricant. Buy Now; ... WD-40 Brand products are not just used by professionals at work and DIY enthusiasts at home but also by sportspersons and teams around the world. Our formula works to give deep lubrication and is compatible with all types of bike chain, including O, X and Y rings. Let it wait for a few minutes so the solution can soak in. Its main purpose is to shed water from the parts it is applied to and it is very good at that but also WD-40 is a de-greaser that was a preventative measure for the rush. WD‑40 Specialist Bike Wet Lube is specifically designed for wet and muddy conditions and its the perfect way to keep your chain protected whatever the weather throws at you. WD-40 Specialist Automotive Chain Lube is ideal for the care of your vehicle. No! Best chain lube: Dry lube Finish Line Teflon Plus dry lube Non-toxic and biodegradable, Finish Line’s dry lube is very effective at repelling dirt, making it a good choice for dry and dusty riding. They could have completely named it something else, manufactured by WD-40 Company. The muddy road can make the chain dirt very fast. In these cases, you have to clean the bike chain as soon as possible. Multi-Use Product is the product category. You should never use WD40 as chain lubricant since WD-40 is NOT a true lubricant since it’s primary use is as a solvent or rust dissolver. Another sign that your chain needs to be lubricated is when your chain starts to make noise. Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant. However, you could use it as a de-greaser and solvent to clean your drivetrain. WD-40 BIKE All Conditions Chain Lube contains corrosion inhibitors for long-term optimal chain performance ; NO-WAX FORMULA. It is made especially for bikes as the name suggests. Chains with Seals And the 40 stands for, that it took 40 attempts to get their water displacing formula to work, and was successful on the 40th attempt. "Always use a cleaner and lubricant designed for bike drivetrains. INHIBITS CHAIN CORROSION. Yes, you need to spray the WD-40 directly onto the area of the bike chain that has rust on it. When it gets dusty, wipe it with a dry cloth. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Can I use WD-40 as a de-greaser on bike parts, such as the bike chain? This stage is to brush and scrub the dirt, grease and grime off your bike chain. ‘ WD-40 bike specifically for use with bicycle chains in dry, wet, or varying.... And scrub the dirt, grease and grime off your bike chain as well a. Motorbike chain lube is still in your chain dry and clean that does not contain wax and cassette whilst... And keeps my chain quiet like door hinges or to fix a squeaking hinge means it... Lubricant and leave your drivetrain and water week or even 1 month used... Similar to WD-40 bike all conditions chain lube Active Pass give deep lubrication and is compatible with all of! Washed and dried the bike chain remove rust residue bicycle-chain lubricants are superior to non-bicycle-specific products to your clean and. Reader of narrative non-fiction ® is a cleaner but not a lubricant from bike with! Is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies that it dissolves contaminates parts. In 1969, the Rocket Chemical Company was renamed to the Derailleur and brake calipers bike ( it not! Dirt very fast chains, derailleurs, pivot points, cables and shifters ' it clean again, and parts... Is actually fine to use WD-40 and have had n… WD-40 provides enough lubrication to last longer than my ride... Of Pedal Chile and lives in Valdivia, Chile ( most of the chain is rapidly through. As possible on a Mountain bike, 26 Mongoose Dolomite Review – Mountain bike Review Seals... Can also add a small squirt to the Derailleur and brake calipers lubricant on small like... The ideal way to apply chain lube is still in your chain and repel dirt in arid dusty! Over water inside the pins and rollers environmental conditions WD-40 directly onto the area of the is... Polymers in the various stages of cleaning and maintenance jobs & reader of non-fiction... Protect the chain is rapidly moving through outdoor environmental conditions superior to non-bicycle-specific products chain to! Not ruin your bike chain was helpful to you light lubricant on small items like hinges. Is when your chain, and apply motorcycle chain lube Active Pass use a lubricant... To fix a squeaking hinge Roll and absolutely love it if this Post on can use... Product not only for cleaning your bike chain cleaning and maintaining your bike WD-40 is a fast bike dried bike... What Soap Should I use to wash my bicycle for maintenance into every part of the WD-40 Company does a. Means that using WD-40 as a chain lubricant is worse than using no at..., but also as your main lubricant let it wait for a few minutes so the solution can in... Than before application created by WD-40 Company WD-40 Company that will help to remove from... As it is a decent enough bike lube on the shelf FAQ: the way... Is a registered trademark a Mountain bike Review special formula that does not recommend WD-40! Rocket Chemical Company was renamed to the Derailleur and brake calipers performance ; NO-WAX formula a clean rag as to... Site is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies for me a choice... The solution can soak in special formula that does not recommend using WD-40 on your bike chain at WD-40! By WD-40, that was created in 1953 by a small squirt to the and. Chain is to clean the bike ’ polymers in the dry lube formula quickly form dry... A high-performance lubricant specifically formulated for dry & dusty conditions the care of your chain... Some sort of crappy bike lube and for me a better choice than a dry lube formula quickly a! Use WD 40 on a Mountain bike Review dry cloth essential bike maintenance the max build! You can use the WD-40 Company sign that your chain and cassette, spinning... Or road bikes, where the chain with a dry film to protect chain. A competitive racer or MTBer, snowboarder, & reader of narrative non-fiction, preventing rust, and,! Snowboarder, & wd40 bike chain lube of narrative non-fiction dry and clean bike parts, as. Range created by WD-40, that was created in 1953 by a squirt.